Lamlash Learning Leaders

Our school exists to provide a safe, happy and aspirational learning environment for every young person in our care. During Session 2014/2015 we engaged learners, staff, parents and our wider community in a consultation process through which we identified values which would be central to our school ethos and relevant to everyone on our school campus.

Our chosen values are:

AmbitionWe build on our young people’s knowledge, enthusiasm and achievements to enable ambition to grow.

Belonging: By knowing and understanding our young people and their families, we create a nurturing, inclusive environment.

Compassion: We set aside prejudice and listen fully to understand each individual and show them kindness and consideration.

Trust: We build trust through consistency, fairness, openness and honesty in a positive and supportive manner.

These values are embedded within all aspects of our curriculum and school life; we provide each individual the opportunity to express their unique skills, attributes and capabilities and to achieve at the highest level in all of their endeavours.

After we created our vision, values and aims, we created our Lamlash Learning Leaders.

Ambitious Archie

This is Archie. He is in Primary 5 at Lamlash Primary School. He loves football, his Xbox, maths, his puppy Rover and wants to be a computer games designer when he grows up.

He tries hard to do his best at school. He enjoys learning new things and once he baked a cake for his mum’s birthday, even though he’d never baked before! He likes to do his homework as soon as he gets home so that he can get out to play football with his friends. At first Archie enjoyed watching football, then at PE he learned how to kick a ball. Next Archie joined the football club and learned to run really fast with the ball. At the moment he’s working on his goal shooting skills.

Archie enjoys beating his high scores when he plays computer games. He keeps trying, even when he gets annoyed when he makes mistakes. He makes lots of mistakes while playing but he learns from them and doesn’t make the same mistake twice!

Billy Belonging

Billy just moved to Lamlash from Glasgow. He loves living in Lamlash with his family. He lives with his mum Brenda, dad Bob, his older sisters Belinda and Bella and his younger brother Brandon. His Gran and Grandpa still live on the mainland, but he also has a Gran on Arran.

When Billy first started at Lamlash Primary he felt shy, but that didn’t last for long. The boys and girls in his class made sure he was included in all their playground games and it wasn’t long before Billy had a few friends to play with after school.

Billy now goes to some clubs too. He has joined the science club at school, and also the swimming and sports clubs. He loves being at Lamlash Primary School where he is in the Green Team. He is part of the smaller ‘Seashells’ team and he is also part of the Eco-committee which meets on Wednesday mornings.

Ciara lives in Lamlash with her mum and her little brother, Colin, who has autism. Ciara helps her mum look after Colin by playing with him and reading him stories. She has many friends, especially on the football pitch where she is a very fair referee. In the playground she plays with children who look as if they might be lonely. She shows concern for others and doesn’t make fun of them. She recently made cupcakes and sold them for a local charity, raising £37.

In school she is a very helpful pupil, often tidying up areas of the class and playgound without being asked. She is a buddy to the new P1 boys and girls, encourages them to play together and makes up games for them. She helps younger pupils to organise their belongings in the cloakroom and is often asked to go to the P1/2 class to do buddy reading with the pupils.

Ciara likes to look after the environment and is a member of the Young Nats at Brodick castle. She recently did a beach clean with a couple of her friends.

Compassionate Ciara

Tina has been at Lamlash Primary School since she was in Primary 1. She is a team Leader and represents others on the Pupil Council. She is trusted by her teacher because she can work independently, even if sometimes the work is a bit challenging. Tina does jobs for her teacher and is a reliable helper in the Primary 1/2 class.

Tina is trusted by her friends. They say she is honest and loyal and they know they can count on her to help in any way she can. Tina trusts them too and expects them to be truthful. She has a wide circle of friends and she enjoys working together with them on team challenges.

At home Tina lives with her mum and dad. They know she is a responsible girl and they let her out to the skate park on her own sometimes. In the kitchen Tina is becoming a good cook and her mum and dad often let her prepare the family’s lunch by herself.

Trusted Tina