Christmas Bonanza!



Friday 16th December from 2pm until 4pm will be our Christmas Bonanza! This will be held in the school hall and will include a bric-a-brac stall, musical interludes from the pupils and handmade its and crafts – which pupil have been working hard to create for you!

Please join us and help raise money for Lamlash Primary School and Early Years Class.



Isle of Arran Primary Schools’ Sports Hall Athletics Festival

On Friday 4th November, Lamlash Primary children (alongside all other Arran Primary Schools) participated in the North Ayrshire Primary Schools’ Sports Hall Athletics Competition.  Our children competed for a place in the team to represent Arran at the mainland event which will be held in February 2017.  Whilst we don’t know who has made it to the final teams, our results from this event are posted below.

Well done to all children who participated.

Field Events

Chest Throw, Boys, 1st Place, Connah Wright
Chest Throw, Girls, 1st Place, Caitlin McGarry
Standing Long Jump, Boys, 1st Place, Jake Young
Vertical Jump, Boys, 1st Place, Jake Young
Vertical Jump, Boys, 2nd Place, Charlie Ross
Chest Throw, Boys, 3rd Place, Jake McAllister
Standing Long Jump, Girls, 3rd Place, Heather McLintock

Track Events

6 Lap Paarlauf, Boys, 1st Place
Jake Young, Ruaridh Lindsay Smith

2×2 Lap Relay, Boys, 2nd Place
Ross Currie, Charlie Ross

4×1 Lap Over/Under Relay, Boys, 2nd Place
Jake McAllister, Jamie Sillars, Oscar Inglis, Charlie Ross

Circuit Relay, Girls, 2nd Place
Imogen Allison, Heather McLintock, Emma Girbow, Eva Devisme

Circuit Relay, Boys, 2nd Place
Jas Matusiak, Oscar Inglis, Jake McAllister, Connah Wright

2×1 Lap Hurdle Relay, Boys, 3rd Place
Ross Currie, Ruaridh Lindsay-Smith

2×2 Lap Relay, Girls, 3rd Place
Alyssa McGarrie, Eva Devisme

4×1 Lap Relay, Boys, 3rd Place
Blazej Orkisz, Connah Wright, Jake Young, Jamie Sillars


P3/4 Assembly: A celebration of their learning

Friday 11th November was P3/4’s turn to lead our weekly assembly. Their assembly was a chance for them to share with the rest of the school and parents, what they have been learning about this term. It was great to see how much knowledge the children had gained about a variety of topics in such a short space of time.


We learnt about the rainforest. It was interesting to find out about the different levels that there are in the rainforest and which animals live there. The class had done some fantastic artwork to represent this.


They also helped us get ready for winter! We learnt about the snow and flooding, including seeing pictures of the flash flood at Mrs Henderson’s house! We learnt about how germs can be spread by sneezing and P3/4 even got some volunteers from the audience to help with their demonstrations.And they showed us all what to pack to help us be prepared for the winter weather.


P3/4 ended their assembly by talking to us about Remembrance Day. They explained why we take time to remember on this day and what we are remembering. They told us about the different colour poppies people might wear, including purple poppies to remember the animals that have lost their lives in wars.img_2017


P 5/6/7 Assembly: Respecting Rights at School

Friday 28th October saw the children in P5/6/7 present their assembly to the other children, teachers and parents of Lamlash Primary School!


The children told their audience about the work they had been doing on rights and responsibilities, and how these affect children at school. The audience learnt how important these rights are and that we need to respect our own and the rights of others.



Ruby, Oscar and Imogen told us that children have a right to play with other children, but that they will respect this right by letting others play with me and join in with games and activities.




P5/6/7 also highlighted key young people who had made a difference to the rights of children around the world.

Jas and Caitlin told the audience about Thandiwe Chama stood up for the right of children to live in peace. When she was young there were not enough teachers so she walked the children to a different school. She won the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2007.img_1920

At the end of the assembly the children read a poem about peace by Dorothy Roight and then shared their iBooks with their parents and members of the audience. These iBooks were able to teach us more about some of the young people who have won the International Peace Prize for standing up for children’s rights.


Activities Week

We’ve had a fantastic time this week taking part in different sporting activities each afternoon!

In August this year we achieved our Gold School Sports Award from Sprt Scotland. As part of this our sports committee, with help from Mrs Henderson, designed and lead an activities week for the whole school. This was great fun for all the school and we all want to say a massive thank you to our fantastic sports committee.

For more photos and further information, please see the activities week page on our website:


Jeans for Genes

Today we had a Jeans for Genes day organised by Mrs Stewart and the pupil council! Lots of children (and teachers) wore their jeans to school and donated a pound. We also had a cupcake sale and Mrs Stewart was painting children’s nails a lovely denim colour…for a fee!

These activities helped us to raise £99.80. This money will go to the Jeans for Genes charity and all the money raised on Jeans for Genes Day will fund a range of different initiatives that improve the quality of life of children affected by genetic disorders.

If you want to find out more about what genes are (and not the ones that you wear!) try watching our video below. Or if you’d like to find out more about the charity please take a look at their website:


Cathy Macphail Visit

As part of Book Week Scotland we were delighted to welcome Cathy MacPhail to Lamlash.  Some enthusiastic readers from our P5-7 class were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet Cathy and hear her talking about her books.  Cathy is well known for writing spooky thrillers for younger readers as well as teen novels and has the unique ability to get to the hear of serious, topical issues through the stories of her feisty characters.  Cathy has won the Royal Mail Book Award twice alongside numerous others and has become a favourite author for a number of our children and young people. Many thanks Cathy for an inspiration and enjoyable session!

cathy macphail


Photo Gallery 2014-2015


Children in Need Day

100_7893 100_7894 100_7895 100_7896 100_7897 100_7898 100_7902 100_7903 100_7905 100_7924 100_7925 100_7928 100_7932















Tennis on the  Road

100_7305 100_7289 100_7286 100_7285 100_7280 100_7279 100_7276 100_7267 100_7306













Roald Dahl Dress up Day Winners

100_7235 100_7236












Sports Club

Junior sports Leaders 001 Junior sports Leaders 007 Junior sports Leaders 008 Junior sports Leaders 009 Junior sports Leaders 010 Junior sports Leaders 011 Junior sports Leaders 014 Junior sports Leaders 015 Junior sports Leaders 017 Junior sports Leaders 018 Junior sports Leaders 019 Junior sports Leaders 020














Manchester City Football Club Shirt Raffle














Prize Giving June 2015

100_7428 100_7430 100_7429 100_7425












Cycling Proficiency




















Dragons’ Den Competition 19th June 2015

100_7341 100_7345 100_7346















Arran Orienteering Championships 21st May 2015

100_7064 100_7065















Swimming Gala May 2015

100_7054 100_7055 100_7057














R.E Afternoon April 2015

100_6963 100_6967 100_6974 100_6978 100_6982 100_6989 100_6990 100_6993 100_6994 100_7000



















Spring Bulb Show 2015















100_6948 100_6950 100_6952 100_6953















We grew daffodils and hyacinths and here is the result

100_6918 100_6920 100_6921















Some of our Easter Bonnet creations made out of junk

100_6922 100_6923 100_6924 100_6909100_6910100_6911100_6912100_6913100_6916100_6927






















The  recipients of the Head Teacher’s Silver Award

























P1/2 Nursery Rhyme Assembly

100_6674 100_6683 100_6673 100_6671
















Visit to Clauchlands Farm

100_6545 100_6553 100_6570 100_6579 100_6586 100_6608 100_6609 100_6630 100_6631
























IMG_1125 100_6832 100_6830 100_6829 100_6819

















Science Centre Visit

100_6795 100_6800 100_6803 100_6817











Generation Science
100_6759 100_8243100_8238100_6497100_6494100_6487100_8235

















The winners of the Design a Book Cover competition

100_8206100_6512 2












Fun for Red Nose Day

100_6752 100_6753 100_6754 100_6755 100_6756 100_6757 100_6758
100_8203 100_8205 100_8211 100_8226





















Some more recipients of the Bronze Awards

100_6739 100_8173100_6446100_6447100_6835100_7012100_7013100_6692100_6515


100_7348 100_7351

























Sportshall Athletics 23rd January 2015
















Assembly on Buddhism – 23rd January 2015

100_6496 100_6497 100_6500

















Head Teacher’s Bronze Award January 2015

100_6545 100_6544 100_6304 100_6303

Christmas Show, December 2014
 Apps For Good, December 2014


 Whole School Children In Need, Nov 2104 
 P6/7 World War One Assembly,  Nov 2014
 P3/4/5 Superheroes Assembly, Oct 2014


 World War One topic, Sept 2014


 Northend Football Festival, May 2014
 P7Residential Stay at Arran Outdoor Education Centre, April 2014
 Forest Schools, Mar 2014 


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